Thursday, September 17, 2015


It's the best I could take. A special little helper just couldn't stop helping :)
Close up. 

It's wide and long. I can wearily like a stole or scrunch it up and wear it like a scarf. It is crochet and was fast and fun to make. So much so that....
I started another one (thinner yarn smaller sized) scarf sized hopefully as a gift. 


Aunty said...

Wow, that was fast with the green garment! Very cool.

I like the pink one too. Nice you can start your holiday gifts early!

Love the little helper, Q. Why not put him into a pic with the stuff he "helps" with?
Love to see him.

smoochies to all!

Aunty said...

Not exactly sure what the "blizzard" is, but the green thingie looks like spanish moss on the railing.

buh-bye again!