Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Fall

I know not officially but the signs are showing up slowly (besides juvenile bears getting kicked out by their momma.  If I was told months ago that before my kids went outside to play I had to check and pick up bear scat I wouldn't believe you. You would also think that the bear scat would keep the deer away. Nope. It seems our yard is the local potty place)

Anyway. This is the sign I'm talking about 
Fall ball. We found the local little league and got Dillon signed upon time. He had fun tonight and that is what counts. 
I liked this sign they have posted 
And here you go Aunty
He would only let me take the picture if the fork could be in it too. Silly boy

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Aunty said...

Of all positions for a 6-foot-tall kid to play -- CATCHER! Oh, well...

Glad he's getting to play.

Thank you for the pic of MJ. He's so cute but not a baby anymore!! The fork in the picture, hmmm... a little bit of your dad's humor and your grandma's humor?

I love it!