Monday, September 7, 2015

The current works

The endless Doctor Who scarf is finally past the half way point. It's garter stitch at a tight gauge so my hands can't do too many rows. So...
I'm hooking a scarf/shawl using my friend  Karin's yarn. Love her work :)

I am also spinning as much as my fingers and MJ let me. The little stinker tries to help. 
This is what I'm spinning. No in progress pics because it is too dark to get a good shot


Aunty said...

Let's hope you get the Doctor Who scarf done before first born loses interest. He's a teenager, after all! lol

The scarf/shawl is a lovely color. Someone will be lucky to get it!

Very interesting picture of the stuff you're spinning. Can't wait to see it spun and then worked into something beautiful.

smoochies to all!

Aunty said...

Oh, forgot to ask: How long is the DW scarf now and how long is the target length? I seem to recall the number 12 feet, but I could be hallucinating.

Kids back to school tomorrow? Gonna post pix of first day back outfits? Love to see them -- the kids and the outfits!