Thursday, November 5, 2015

Here's my update

(still no cord, now I am stating to worry)

It seems like each year I pick some sort of ornament to make. I also seem to try everything there is out ther craft wise. Pinterest is like a drug for this. So many ideas, so little time.

So these are this years ornaments
Paper punches and pins and a styrofoam ball is all that is needed.
I like this one. Kinda looks like an acorn.

So it wasnt a far jump into fabric ones
this way looks like an acorn
this way it looks like an artichoke.

Then today I tried these
On this one I followed the directions.On the next one me being me did my own thing.
I love this one.  This one is destined to be given away but I have enough to make another one. Well after I get more pins and balls. I guess everyone is thinking the same thing when i was at the store and I bought them out of balls and pins. That sounds like a lot but it really wasnt.

I have been doing other craft things. Like trying to figure out what to do with huge spool of left over para cord that I bought really cheap in Loew's (500 yards for $7.99 - try that in a craft store. Its not going to happen) to make a plant hanger. My spider plant went huge being outside and there was no way the hanger was going to hold it. So a little cord a metal ring and some knots and my spider plant is safe (macrame basically). Anyway after spending way to much time on Pinterest I came up with this.

A really bad picture of a basket. I crocheted around the para cord with some cotton i had left over (both are white so there isn't much to see). I made it while sick (it was just a 24 hourish thing but please kids stop bringing this crap home) so it is small. it was more of a proof of concept thing.

And some knitting
Working on a scarf for Uncle Mike. I promised them that if he and Aunt Rosie moved back up here I would make them stuff to stay warm. Well they moved at the same time we did so its time to make good on my promise.

Now all I need is my hands to cooperate.

= ]

ETA: I am not the only one who is into making these. Kris has made these two
paper and
fabric. She's my crafty girl.


Aunty said...

Ooh, lovely ornaments, Q! Very nice. Guess you gave up on the pomander balls, huh?

Nice scarf, too, for Uncle Mike. What's on the agenda for Aunt Rosie???

smoochies to all

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥

Toni said...

Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your tree must look fabulous!