Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another lesson learned

Hubby does laundry and does a great job too. He knows not to wash any of my knitting. This works great. It only works if I remember to take out my alpaca and wool Keri Mitts from the pocket of my hoodie sweatshirt. Yep I left them in the pocket and threw the hoodie into the wash. Now Hubby doesn't check my pocket since I should know better.

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I can not even get my hand into them a little.

So here I was a little upset and thinking about the pair I made last year. I loved the yarn, have no clue what the yarn was but i do know where I bought it. My LYS. Great store. Yes It is just a little hole in the wall (the whole store could fit in side my living room) but what makes the store great is the owner. She is wonderful. Even when I bring my kids with me and they go crazy, she is fine with it. "Kids can not break the yarn" she says. The store had a very homey feel.

I have been in other store where we were followed to make sure my kids did not touch anything - I have not and will not go back (my kids are well behaved but anyone with kids know that sometimes they do get into things).

Anyway i know that she changes the hours (summer vs winter) and since the last time I got a chance to go it was summer hours) so I checked the website and AHHHH!!!!!! She is CLOSING!!!!. Dec 24th is the last day. Yes there are other yarns stores and the internet but I will miss this little yarn store. = (

Hopefully I will get to go soon. Even if I do not buy anything (yeah right) I would like to tell her how much her and that little store meant to me.


Jill said...

Oh, man! That stinks! :( So sorry to hear about your little store...I know, the people running these stores are so important to your experience. Maybe you'll get some incredible deals though! Merry Christmas to you!! LOL

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

Eek - how sad, those poor little mitts are so tiny!

mom said...

HI honey, glad to hear Marc is okay. do you want me to send you a check, kind of a Christmas present, so you can get stuff from your litte knitting store? Since you bought the gift I was supposed to get you, this would be okay w/me. love, mom

Jen said...

I am so sorry about the mitts! And also about the LYS. It stinks when a place you love has to close. I'm with Jill though, you might make a pretty good haul with the going out of business sales! Merry Christmas!!