Friday, December 14, 2007


Okay I had to do that. My yarn - yarn I spun- is finally finished and plied it. The blue went really nice and fast. It is pretty much even too!. Then I spun the orange and well I figured out that I should not attempt spinning when I am sick,upset or pissed. In other words it is uneven and over twisted in spots.

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The colors are pretty true. It is 100% merino from Rhinebeck.

I finished the nephews set.
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Hat and socks made out of Swish in Deep Ocean.

I gave the Dragon scarf to Son and he loves it. I took pictures and well this is the one I love.

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Love My Kids!!! They always seem to know when I need a break or laugh. In the past 3 days I got a bad sinus and double ear infection, our car went (head gasket = big repair bill) and the cabinet in the kitchen decided to fall on Hubby (he is ok). Well bad things happen in threes so we are done for a while, Right?!



Jill said...

Wow, your yarn is wonderful! It's hard to believe that you really JUST learned...nice. The dragon scarf is great, too. I will have to get that pattern or the kit. Gotta have it. And I love that your son's pulling a "Keegan"! ;)

Hope your luck will change for a while!!

Shewolfy said...

Love the yarn. The color on that blue is gorgeous. What are you going to make with it? Do you know yet? The dragon scarf is really nifty. I'm going to have to invest in that one, I think. I hope your run of bad luck is over!

michelle said...

I love you!!!!

Lene Andersen said...

That is a seriously awesome scarf. Where'd you find the pattern?