Monday, December 10, 2007

I still believe

Okay I must be nuts to still believe that I will get everything knitted by christmas. There are still 15 things left (this does not include anything that needs sewing or buttons) to do. Now the majority are small projects like hats, but there are 2 sweater that need to be done. One is Mini-Jesse's flames - I knitted most of the body and have started the sleeves. I should be able to finish this one. The Daughter's cardi (Ried was frogged , it didn't work with the yarn)-this is top down and I am almost to the sleeve part. The cardi will push it.

The thing is that well I don't feel right giving one of my kids a sweater when the others are not finished. I was stressing about the chance that I will not have them finished but I have decided not too.

This is my plan. I will concentrate on the smaller items and work on the 2 sweaters when I can. If I do not get the sweaters done that is ok, but no one will get theirs until all three are finished. (heck they may turn into Valentine's Day gifts)

What items I have finished I can not post pictures about (I know that certain people read this blog- on a positive note i will have plenty to write about in January)


Jill said...

Ha ha ha...I guess I will just have to wait to see. ;) I don't blame you though, you never know who's reading!

Shewolfy said...

I hope it's going well...