Thursday, July 31, 2008

WIP Thursday

So I missed WIP Wednesday but it is my blog so WIP Thursday is just as good! I do have pictures of The Emerald Lady. I am past the sleeves and into the lace part of the body. I am LOVING the pattern. It looks harder then it is really, two easily memorized rows and you get great looking lace!
Emerald lady IP
and here is a close up of the lace part:
Emerald Lady IP Close up

I had plans to post yesterday and well you know the saying the best laid plans...... Well anyway last night I went to finish spinning something and well The two pieces that are suppose to come apart so you can change the bobbins did not want to come apart. I mean the really didn't want to come apart as in prying them with a screw driver didn't budge them.

poison 2
This is not he yarn I am working on but you can see the whorl on the right, the bobbin is the piece that the yarn is on and the flyer is the rest of the thing with the hooks on it. I was freaking out to say the least cause well with out the flyer a spinning wheel is just some wood. I checked Ashford website they do not sell extra standard flyers and I was in a panic, ask my Mommy I called her = ) Well Hubby came home and between the 2 of us and Hubby's muscles we got it apart (well mostly him i sat there and had my fingers crossed). There is a metal rod that goes through the bobbin and hooks into the whorl well they were rusted together! WD-40 to the rescue I cleaned it up and oiled the heck out of it. It has been very humid here for about a week and a half and I guess just sitting there the moisture was enough to start the rust forming. So now it will be oiled more then before and left apart when I am done spinning. Rust was the farthest thing from my mind on what was wrong with my wheel, but now everything is better and I have my wheel back which I am going to go park myself in front of and finish spinning.

= )


Toni said...

I am just LOVING that green!!! It is going to be such a beautiful sweater!

Jill said...

Oooh, loving the Emerald Lady! I'm swatching for mine tonight, and so far I managed to make a huge swatch using what I thought was a US 7 and turns out to be US 9. Hmmm. No wonder it was too big. I'm sure I need a 6 anyway--I should have just used that in the first place. Can't wait to join you! (Hope mine looks as good as yours!) :)

Karen said...

With a sweater as pretty as that, you can do WIP pictures any day you want!!! So glad you got the wheel fixed. When you said it was rusted, the humidity was the first thing I thought of too. It's been so terrible here, all of my woodwork feels so swollen. Ugh. I never though I'd say this, but I think I'm ready for fall!

Kathy said...

Hooray for top down raglans. Lovely lovely knitting and color!