Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breaking News!

I did something today that I have not done in months! I dug out my sewing machine and sewed! I was able to get a little bit done. Nothing compared to what I would normally be able to do but heck I did sew. Needless to say my back was screaming at me and I listened (eventually). Baby steps I know I know. I also was able to get some fabric cut out for a third project. Cutting and ironing are the easy parts since I am standing. Any body know of a way to sew standing up? Then I would really be able to fly along.

That little bit of sewing totally made my day. =) Now to go finish ironing so I can sew a little bit more tomorrow!


AMalwayswriting said...

Hm, do you think you can lean against something standing up? Like your refrigerator or just the wall or by a chair so in case you need to sit or lay down you can.

Abby said...

Can you put your sewing machine on the kitchen counter? Or is your counter like mine - buried?