Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holy Cow Bat-Man!!!!

I know I haven't posted in a long time but July!!!!! Wow Wow Wow!!! Well I do have very good reasons on not posting. Back surgery is one. Plus all of the lovely things that go along with that.

I can sit for a few minutes here and there and not even sure if the surgery worked. It was a small I guess you could call it, to see if it would work. If not then it is major back surgery is next. As of now I am as good or bad depending on how you look at it as I was before surgery.

Knitting has been going on but very slowly. Basically all knitting is being down while lying down. Granted I am working my arm muscles out, but I can only knit few a little bit. Spinning has not happened since I can't sit. and there has been just a tad of sewing. Boredom has been a big thing with me lately needless to say.

Well I do feel a little better posting. Well it is November. maybe just maybe I can find a way to post every day. Maybe



Karen said...

Wow, yes, you certainly have good reasons not to have posted. I'm so sorry to hear about the surgery and how tough it has been. I hope you are feeling better soon and I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I'd LOVE to see you posting every day - but only if you feel up to it, okay? Getting all the rest you need to heal is more important.

Hugs to you!!!

Aunty said...

I am sooooo glad to see you back again. I've been looking every day practically hoping you were feeling up to it. Yaaaaaay!