Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am a little behind

On the holiday knitting/sewing/ and crafting. This is just the
knitting. I am not about to show the sewing since well it would
probably totally discourage me. I am still being hopeful here
eventhough I am starting about 6 weeks late. Ok maybe I shouldn't have
thought about that. : )


AMalwayswriting said...

haha I have much faith that you will get everything done because you're an incredible knitter and in school you were like Speedy Gonzales with the projects! I cant wait to see all the great things you make :)

Anonymous said...

wow, you've really caught up. It is nice to have friends that help you through stuff, even though you don't actually see them, talking things out sure does help.

love you!! Mom

Aunty said...

You know how to do this, right? Take it in tiny increments, a little at a time. Don't look at that big basket of stuff that "needs" to be done while the clock's ticking. If you don't enjoy the time you spend making these things, then what's the point? It's a wonderful thing that you are even contemplating attacking your holiday gifts!