Thursday, March 18, 2010

One of my favorite things

This is part of the wall in my bedroom. It is my collection of paintings from my Mom. Every time I look at them I just can not help but smile. Last time I was at my Mom's house I basically took the last two. (they are the ones without the frames). I hope to one day have the wall full of her paintings. Don't worry Mom you can take your time ; )

Love ya Mom


SDQuilter said...

How wonderful and comforting to have something so important so close. This is how your kids will feel about your knitting.

Aunty said...

Wow. I am impressed at your mom's talent. Very nice work. And how nice that you are collecting it.

smoochies to all

mom said...

wow, to have my own wall. i hope someday they will be originals.
love you, mom