Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The S word

I so want to say that it is absolutely beautiful out. Granted It is right now only 42 degrees but compared to what it has been well. The kiddies wanted to walk to school this morning, they like to walk to school and I am not going to say no to exercise, and being the sun was out and felt so nice we went. Birds were singing and we talked about the S word (starts with s and ends in ring). I love winter but it is nice to see signs that the seasons are changing. As we walked we looked. We say Robins and green (!!!) shots popping out of the ground. The blah-ness of the mud and grey everywhere it seems are getting to me and even though they were weeds it was a wonderful thing to see those shots coming out of the ground.

Of course Mama Nature isn't done yet with winter. We are suppose to get snow tonight. It is however not tonight and I have the windows open and enjoying every minute while I can.

Now lets talk about my Olympic sweater.

This is where I am. Back and left side done. The right side is what I ma working on. There is a little white marker by the yarn ball (the other one that is on the bottom just marks which side is the front. I didn't want to repeat that mistake again). Where that white marker is is where I was when the flames went out. Just a few rows short of the end of the ribbing. I almost got to the V decreases last night. That is one thing that makes the fronts go a little faster, since there is the V neck decreases on one side and the arm hole decreases on the other the stitch count goes down to 40. The sleeves should be really easy since I am keeping them short sleeves. Famous last words. = )

Even though I didn't finish on time I still am proud of myself. That is a lot of knitting to get done in a short amount of time. Plus I changed a lot. I have fill 4 pages in my knitting notebook with the changes I made so I would be able to keep everything still looking like a sweater that (hopefully) fits the way I pictured it.



Jill said...

Nice work! :) I didn't finish either, but as you say, it's a lot of knitting for a couple of weeks. I figure I can finish by Sunday and still be faster than I've ever done an adult sweater! Can't wait to see the finished product. Cute pattern.

SDQuilter said...

Instead of love, I should have been able to chose envious. I have no hopes of 42 or S ring or robins....yet. I am very proud you are continuing on with your sweater and can't wait to see it again. Good for you!!!

Karen said...

Oh yes, I am so ready for the S word too. In fact, this winter weather brings to mind anther, not so polite, S word. LOL As for your sweater, I think you are doing a fabulous job!!