Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling Almost Human

In the early morning of the day after my birthday I discovered that my family gave me one last birthday gift. The stomach flu. All I have to say is that they are lucky I love them dearly. I am still not 100% and it just might be that another bug has made its way home. This is the season for bugs to come home from school. Ugh is all I have to say.

They Blue blob from last post is finally dry, it has been rainy and damp here and well the weather people are telling us here that about 5 inches of rain are on there way in the next few days. I tried getting a decent picture but the color is just off. The color from the last post is no where near the true color and since I have to send these pictures and wait until the pattern is released there will be a little bit of a wait.

So how about something else to look at.....

lala 2

This is my Lala Shawl (Rav link)

lala 3

I used yarn that had for almost 2 years. I had bought it on clearance in a yarn store that no longer is around. I loved the blues and since it was a by the bag sale the black tagged along. I had tried a bunch of patterns with this yarn and well nothing ever came about. I had needed something simple to work on back while my back was really bad. I actually knit a good portion laying flat on my back. Can I tell you if you need to work out muscles in your arms you didn't know you had this is the exercise that works. They shawl wasn't heavy. It is just knitting at a weird angle that did it.

lala 1

I figured I will just keep going until I ran out and use the black for trim. I figured it would be kinda silly to hold onto 1 ball and sometimes those one balls are the hardest to use up.

The yarn is cotton and it is Lana Grossa. I have not been able to find it on the internet anywhere so it must really be discontinued. Okay scratch that. I search Raverly again and I think I found it.

Well that is about it for know. Gonna try and get some sleep and hope that I am not coming down will the new bug (thankfully not a stomach one- there is something I didn't think I would say)



Aunty said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Reason #489 why Aunty didn't have children. (just kidding, folks!)

The shawl is gawjus. What a good sport Skywalker is to model it for you! Bet he enjoyed wearing it out like Batman (Spidey doesn't wear a cape, huh?)

The beauty shot is the head wrap. Very very pretty, Q. Nice work once again.

BTW, the links just lead to the log-in page for Rav, so we're out of luck if we're not a member. How silly of me! The ladies who frequent your blog are all members, I'm sure.

Take care of yourself.

smoochies to all

SDQuilter said...

The shawl is wonderful. The yarn was a perfect choice. I am sorry you have been laid so low, you deserve a break. I wanted to say your model is really quite handsome, swashbuckling...

mom said...

the shawl is really pretty. and i too love the model.

feel better, honey, that's a mom order

love, mom