Monday, March 22, 2010

Tis the season

Baseball season that is. I would say spring is here. There is open
windows, birds singing and nesting, and flip flops. Yes people as I
type I am outside waiting for the school bus in flip flops and my feet
are not cold!!


Mereknits said...

Here in Florida it is still chilly, high 58 today. No flip flops for me yet. Enjoy spring.

Aunty said...

Is that a pic of Dad and Skywalker warming up?

It's been nice but chilly up here except for today. It's raining again! Oh, well, it's March, I guess.

Smoochies to all

SDQuilter said...

I am hugely jealous. My daughter asked me last night when the snow would be gone from the front yard....I am more worried about the lake and the larger inventory of snow in the backyard. It could be weeks, I am hoping it will all be gone for Easter.