Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At last check

The date is April 7th, not June 7th. When this picture was taken it
was 83 degrees!!! A few years ago it snowed this time of year. The
weather is so screwy that I can not believe people deny global warming


tinebeest said...

Half the globe has just come through the coldest winter in i-dont-know-how-many decades; we're running three weeks late on the usual spring flowers (and the daffodils are a big industry here in Cornwall). Nobody believes in global warming here after this winter, but "climate change" may just about capture the weirdness in the skies :-)

Can I have your 83F please? Just for a day or two?

mom said...

when i went to the bank today for work, as i was driving i was noticing all the flowering trees, it's wonderful and of course the temp. was really nice tooooo!!
love you, mom