Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally a sock

This sock has been my traveling sock. Something easy that I can put down and pick up easily

It took a little longer to do the toe. I knew I was close so I started working on it at home. This morning I got to the toe part and my helper "helped"

Yeah he has fun helping me. It took me fifteen minutes to untangle the yarn. At least there was only a little ball left. It's worth it to knit for a little bit. Now to start the second one


SDQuilter said...

He is beautiful! I like the sock, too. Two great achievements. Did you dye the yarn?

Qutecowgirl said...

Thank you. No I didn't dye it. The ball band is somewhere :). I think it's Claudia short sport yarn. I'm glad to hear from you

Aunty said...

What a mischievous little imp! It's good to see he has so much fun helping you! I swear, you ought to teach him how to knit!

Love the pattern in the sock too. Did you reinforce the heel so it lasts longer??

Smoochies to all...