Thursday, March 13, 2014

Needed something quick

The past week has not been much fun. Waves of the ick have been going around here. Just when it seems everyone is better along comes something else. Anyway the knitting in my basket is knitting that takes concentration or a toddler not messing with it. Mj seems obsessed lately with my yarn or charts so I needed something small and I don't need the directions and quick doesn't hurt. This little knitting will be a teabag holder. I know several people who travel with tea and it's quick. 
Yes that's my mug. My tea is brewing and it was on the counter. I was also playing around with a camera app so the picture is filtered

1 comment:

Aunty said...

Very TARDIS-y look to the teabag holder; practically an exact color match! Are you going to make it a TARDIS pouch?

Maybe it's time to start teaching MJ how to knit? Hmmmmmm....