Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yeah it's spring!

Well at least according to the calendar it's spring. It was in the 50's today but with the cold north wind it didn't feel like it. Everything is so drab and there are still piles of snow around (and a chance of more snow next week). I really love winter and the snow but when it turns into that dirty snow it's depressing. What I needed was some color and what could be more colorful then this:
Not a great picture, I need to try and get a picture if it in the sun. The color name is Caraval. Lots of bright color. My mom picked it out for her socks. It's perfect and it's even growing on me. =]


MOM said...


Aunty said...

Wow! If that color doesn't hit you in the eye and make you smile, you're dead!!! I'd love to see Mom in these sox!

Smoochies to all