Monday, March 10, 2014

For my little sister

She is a Doctor Who fan and has turned my kids and I into fans too. It's almost a race in this house to finish past seasons to get ready for the new one. Now not all past seasons mind you. The show is fifty plus years old. Crazy I know. I know I am hooked. Though the kids can watch Netflix on their iPhones and iPods, I need the tv. I guess I reached the age where well tiny screens hurt my eyes. I am not saying I am old just my eyes get tired way to fast. So I guess it's more of a race between the three of them. Anyway I made my lil sis this hat. It's a TARDIS hat. Quick and easy and she looks cute in it. 

1 comment:

Aunty said...

Little sister looks absolutely charming in the TARDIS hat.

You've got to check out the thinkgeek website if you haven't already!

Smoochies to all!