Friday, December 19, 2014


 A long while ago my MJ out grew the use if his receiving blankets. He was a long baby and even though they were on the larger size they were no longer usable. I did how ever keep them because well MJ is the last and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 

Well my little guy has plenty of jeans and pant but not to many to just lounge around at home. I used to just put him in pj pants but he would freak thinking he's going to bed. So we bought 2 pairs of sweat pants but if he's messy those two are not enough. 

All this to basically say I took one if those sweat pants and made a pattern from them. Then used those flannel receiving blankets to make him lounge pants. I cut out three and sewed two. I still have 4 blanket left but I am going to save those for when he out grows the ones I made

Those are the first pair. MJ is always moving. 

Those pictures are the best I can do with my crazy whirlwind of a son

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Aunty said...

What a clever idea! He looks so cute in the Santa hat too.

He's gonna be a tall one for sure!

smoocheronies to all