Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some Christmas Gifts

Yes I actually was able to make some gifts :)
This cute idea I saw in the internet. 
Paper towel roll cut stuck in a mason jar filled with candy around (in this case m and m's) and hidden inside a surprise. I stuck lotto scratchers in the two I made. 
Add ribbon and a candy cane and ta-da a cute gift for say a bus driver (a really nice one. This year we only have 1 nice one - long story) and say a speech therapist :)
This not great picture is  a hat with tardis blue tardises on it. It's for my stepson's girl friend. She's a doctor who fan too

This is for my friend. I made her a little something. 
It's the embroidery in finished form. A little zippered bag. She's a knitter. We always can use bags like this. And
I made a little peace dove ornament. 

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Aunty said...

I love all these creative little gifts! Clever and useful. I especially love the embroidered bag. Nice.

You're doing great on catching up, Q!

smoocheronies to all!