Thursday, December 4, 2014

Well it's been a while

Let's see. Thanksgiving happened and them all and I mean all of us got the cruddy ick that went around. Pretty nasty ick too. Half of us needed 2 rounds of antibiotics (of course I was one of them).  So basically I got nothing done. So time for catch up. Thing was, I was ahead before Thanksgiving. Oh well. 

Here is some embroidery I finally got to start. It's for my friend who hopefully I'll be seeing before Christmas. After everything is embroidered I am going to turn it into a zippered pouch :). Hopefully all goes easy and well. I am making it up as I go. That seems to be the theme for me of late :). Makes it interesting 


Aunty said...

So sorry that you were all sick and needed medicine. :(

That is very pretty embroidery. Hope we get to see the finished product.

Smoochies to all (thank god it's cyberspace!)

MOM said...