Sunday, December 7, 2014

Well I hoped for an easy day

It didn't happen. 

Today was supposed to be baking (for fun I was going to try a Kringle) tea and knitting. 
Well the Kringle was amazingly yummy and everyone liked it. Tea is well tea but the knitting well it didn't want to behave. 
It's a hat for my sister (another Doctor Who fan) - there's Daleks around the hat. I made the large adult size just to be safe. I finished it wove in all the ends and went to try it on. It fits MJ. How the heck did a large adult instructions turn into a toddler sized hat. Granted MJ has a huge toddler head but come on!!  It fits K perfectly ( he head is smaller then MJs - yes hard to believe but it's true). So I can give it to her for Christmas but then I'll still need something for my sister. 

Some days it sure feels like the stars are aligned against me. 

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Aunty said...

Ohh, too bad about the hat. It's very cute and I bet your sister would have loved it!

Is that a Grinch mug?

And I'll have to look up the kringle, since you didn't leave a link to the recipe.

It's the full moon, sweetie. Things always go wrong!

Smoocheronies to all