Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

YEAH!! YIPPEE!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
I went International.(well according to Hubby - I personally count Canada as International) If you look at my map in the side bar you will see a dots. It was sort of a challenge when Hubby saw that I put a map on the blog. He said he would be amazed if I went international, well amazed he is. A big thank you to my international readers who helped me stick it to him.=)

In knitting news I finally started MS3. I am on row 27. I know really far, but I have to knit it when the kids are in bed - so I get about an hour to work on it a day. Even though it is really small, I am loving it. I decided to double the yarn and I am using a size 4 needle. I am using a circular needle but I am thinking of switching to a dpn. The cable will not behave and is driving me nuts.

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I worked on both pairs of socks and well I would show pictures but well you can not really see any difference from before. It’s slow going.

For those of you who have seen/heard about The Yarn Dying, I have something to show. This is a picture of the blue/green/yellow yarn knitted up. I like how the colors came out. Of course I have now clue how I did it.
From this:

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To this:
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Christmas knitting is going well. I started another project.
Other then that not much to report yet. I will have pictures of the secret projects soon.

Life Report: Dr. says I am doing well and the meds are working well. I am to reduce my dosage on the prednisone slowly, so I will be off of that soon. I am just happy that I can move without looking like one of the undead. (Hubby’s favorite thing to do is to make zombie noises behind me when I would move like that - in good fun of course - it always makes me laugh) I can pick up my children - even my 60 pound son. I am loving it. The only thing that is still around is the exhaustion. I am always tired. I get at least 7-8 hours a night but I could fall asleep right now. It could be from the RA, medication or heck having three kids around. (when does school start?) Considering where I was and where I am now - I would pick now. I can handle being tired all of the time.=).

On July 26 my Hubby and I will mark 7 (WOW) years together.

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I love him more then ever. He knows how to make me laugh no matter how bad things are going. He is really the love of my life. I would not change a single thing about him, even the things I really can not stand. A wise aunt of mine told me something one day that is so true (I can not remember exactly her words but they went something like this). It was about being able to live with and love the things that annoy you the most, not about wanting to change them. So true. I Love You Honey (Really Really).=)

Only 153 days until Christmas. Has anyone else started yet?

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SusieH said...

Even more international now, with a reader from England here :)

What a lovely picture of the two of you...bless you!