Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A short rambling.

It is hot. Today with humidity it feels like 98 degrees. Eww!! I really can not take the heat and the humidity. It is hard for me to breathe and it aggravates my RA. I also really do not feel like doing anything - cooking, cleaning,knitting or moving. I really need to knit. I have so much to do and my bag is sitting by my feet with 7 works in progress. I just have no energy to do it.
Today I went to the eye doctor. It was so much fun!!! (yes I am being sarcastic) He had to dilate my eyes so everything is blurry right now. Good news though - I am okayed to begin a new medication. Hopefully it will put the RA in remission. Pill count is now up to 8.5. Not to bad.
Tomorrow my oldest turns six. Where did the time go. Parents everywhere say this all the time, and I am going to say it. It seemed like just yesterday I brought him into this world. He still amazes me everyday. Today we were putting his dinosaurs together and he knew the names of all of them. He reads to me and remembers everything. He is becoming a pokemon expert and is becoming a real artist. His pictures are amazing. Everyday I say to myself when did he grow up.
Well I am off to try and get something done today. I hope the weather breaks soon.

168 days knitting days until Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you're off the prednisone (I hope)? What was the eye test for?

You know, I edit text for a living. If you want to send me your blog posts before posting, I would be HAPPY to clean them up a little. (Sorry, just being anal.)