Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a little post today.

Just a little post today.

I am tired. I started a new drug and well it makes me tired. My body has to get use to the drug and the tiredness will fade. The RA makes me feel exhausted all the time and well with this added to that it is amazing that I can even function. And in 2 weeks my dose gets doubled. Yeah!!! It is done this way to make the transition easy -yeah okay. It also takes up to 3 months to work. How come there is no miracle pill yet?

Tomorrow is Hubby's dr. appointment and we will hopefully find out what he is going to do about the nodule that is so big it is breaking Hubby's collar bone. Yes I am a little pissy about that. When we were told it was a nodule we both thought small pea size. Not one doctor told us that is was big!!! No we had to find out from the doctor who did the biopsy.

On a happier note The Son lost his third tooth but his first top one. This pic makes me smile.

Well I am off to get dinner started. I figure if I start now (3:20) I should be done by dinner time = ) I also see lots of coffee in my future ; )


She Wolf said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so slow and tired, qutecowgirl. That sucks. I really like some of the projects you are working on, though, and I fully intend to make the fingerless mitts!

Jill said...

Congrats to your son on the tooth loss! Very exciting...

Sorry about how tired you are right now. It is hard to be the Mommy and feel like you're too tired to move. Rest when you need to, and you'll get there. :) Good luck at the appt.!