Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They are DONE!!!!!

I finally finished the fingerless mitts that I designed (still have to think of a name, any suggestions?). There is only a tiny difference between the two. Tension. It seems when I stress knit I knit tighter. Looking at them I do not really see a difference but I feel the difference when they are on.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hubby was at work and well I wanted to post about them (no patience what so ever) so this is what I have.

I used KnitPicks Sierra (now called Cadena) in Pool (discontinued color). On size 10 dpns. I used 109 out of 110 yards. No lie. I measured the piece I had left and it measured 36 inches. Pretty neat.

Now I have to write out the pattern so it makes sense to someone else other then me.

My Dr. Update. New drug (I have my fingers crossed that I will not have an allergic reaction) and more blood tests in 2 weeks to check how everything is going. The Dr. is also testing for Lupus. She thinks I may have a combo thing going. I have the "mask thing" going on my face. It is a like a cross of sunburn and freckles but it is only on my cheeks. I am also losing my hair. Big time. Like clog the tub after 5 minutes. Run my hand thru it and I have a handful -big time. I am not vain about it it is just annoying to keep picking hair off of me every minute. I see a hair cut in my future. I was told that this is normal during a flare up (which I am having) but since my hair is past my shoulders, losing all of this hair makes it look thinner then it really is. It is hair after all and it will grow back (eventually).


Jen said...

I love your mitts!!! I cannot wait for the pattern! Are you going to enable to put off my Xmas knitting with something so pretty and enticing to knit?? Of course!! Good luck with the new meds...always thinking good thoughts for ya!

Jill said...

Yea! They look great. Sorry, no ideas for a name, but I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect one.
Hopefully that new medication will work well--fingers crossed for no allergic reactions. I am allergic to penecillin, and I had a reaction like you did to that last one. No fun at all. And I ditto on the stress knitting...all of a sudden, it's like my stitches have adhered to the needles! LOL