Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I do not why all of a sudden Blogger is making my pics huge. I am trying to fix. (ok i uploaded again but this time to blogger.)

Well here is an update on things that I am working on so I do not think. (no word from the dr’s yet - could this be good news?). I get to go to my doctor tomorrow. I am hoping what ever meds she puts me on work. I am going a little crazy here. (and the kids are not to blame for once) = ).

Here is Hubby’s sock (from hell). I am almost done with the 2nd strip on the foot (of 5 before the heel).

(The sock still hates me. It is using the knitting black hole on me)

I am almost done on the second fingerless mitt.

I am loving them. So far my notes seem to be good. Of course I am reading my own notes so it makes it a little easier. I have to sit down and really right them out the proper way.

I also started a new project for when I wait for the bus to drop Daughter and Son home. I take Buddha* outside early to play and run around while we wait. It is my son’s sweater for christmas. It will (hopefully) be a hooded boy size Jesse’s Flames sweater from Stitch n Bitch Nation. You can somewhat see the garter ridge ribbing.

I am also knitting it in the round (I hate finishing work) to avoid sewing.

Here is an update on the scarf. I have to block when I am done to open up the yarn overs. Also the B/W does not show it well.

I want to work on Tiffany but alas I can not concentrate enough. I keep making silly mistakes and ripping. Maybe in a few days I will try again.

*formally The Baby. She is now 3 and a half. She has been called Buddha since she was a baby. Anytime she would nurse or eat (still to this day) she gets a Buddha belly.

My Buddha.

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Jill said...

ha ha ha...love the new name! Everything looks great, and I'm psyched to hear you're working on notes (for us?) for the fingerless mitts! Awesome! :)