Friday, November 2, 2007

I like spinning = )

Well yesterday after I blogged I sat down and was ready to work on the pinwheel sweater (I am on the last band of color- so close) and I saw my Rakestraw spinner. It was calling me. I thought well I could spin for a little while......

Well that little while became the rest of the night. I did however spin the entire 2 oz of merino. To me it looks like dk weight. I know there is a ruler somewhere and when I find it i will check the wpi. I even set the twist and the yarn is drying. I am thinking about plying it but I am still undecided. I will have to see how the orange merino spins up and then I will decide.

I did take pictures but it is so dark and overcast and the flash did not show the color well. Actually it made it look black when it is really a purplely - navy color. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny so my fingers are crossed

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