Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog a Post A Day in November!!

Ok if you haven't heard there are a few things that one can do in the month of November. 1. write a novel - not going to happen. 2. knit a 50,000 stitch sweater - way to many things I have to knit for christmas and well I really do not have the attention span to knit a whole 50,000 stitch sweater. 3. blog everyday - I think this one is something I might be able to do.

So there you go - i will try to blog everyday and hopefully not bore everyone to tears. = )

Here is todays post.

Yesterday when we were almost home from trick or treating something bad almost happened. Hubby had crossed the street with Son and Budha and Daughter and I were on the corner while I was calling in our dinner order (chinese - yummy). Some A-Hole stopped his Jeep Liberty (blocking on coming traffic lane) started getting out of his Jeep and talked to my daughter. I heard someone talking and at first I thought it was other trick or treaters. Since I was on the corner I didn't see anyone. I turned and saw A-Hole, I grabbed Daughter and said What!! He jumped back into his car and took off. I ran across the street to Hubby and told him what happened. We decided we were done and started walking home. As we got to the corner by our house A-Hole was turning back onto the block. I shouted that's him and he took off. Yes I called the police and made a report. No we didn't get the plate number.

Can you believe this!! I am so pissed off. and upset and scared. We have told our kids many times do not talk to strangers, do not go near strangers.... but here we are going from house to house talking to strangers. Strangers saying how cute you look and we say thank you. So we tell our kids one thing and then go and do what we told them not to do. I can understand how this may seem confusing to a 5 year old.

I just thank Who ever above that he didn't get her.

(sorry if this doesn't make much sense - I am still really upset about it and can't seem to think straight)

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