Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reason not to start knitting at 11:00 at night

A couple of weeks ago I started the Fawkes socks. I started them late at night - it was one of those I can't sleep so I will start something nights. Normally when I do something like this I usually pick something easy and mindless. Not this time. I pick Fawkes. I wanted to start these for a while and I guess I just couldn't wit any longer. I knitted the cuff and foot until I was done with the gusset decreases and then they were put away. With everything that has been going on I had not touched them since.

Forward to last night. I was going to bring them with me to work to work on them. I took the sock out of the bag to check on it before I put it in my bag. As I was looking at it it just didn't look right. I held it up to my foot and it looked really small. Then I checked the needles. Yep they were the wrong size. They were size 0. I was suppose to be using size 1(2.5mm). Needles to say they were small and when I took the needles out, I tried it on before frogged the yarn. Couldn't even get it over my toes. Not only was I using the wrong needle size but I think I was knitting really tight too. The sock could stand on it's own. (I should have taken a picture...)

Well I restarted today and I am back to where I was.

Lesson learned.


shewolfy said...

Yeah- late night knitting, especially when starting new projects almost always turns out to be a bad idea! My sympathies on this one. I'm so glad things are going well and your life is getting back to normal!

Kris said...

I know how you feel. I never thought that 2x2 ribbing would be so horrible and require a ton of frogging until I started trying to work on it around midnight. The things we trick ourselves into thinking we can do!
But at least you're back to where you were at with the socks! ;)

Jill said...

Oh no, that is terrible! (Is it mean that I really wish there was a pic?) LOL Sorry--big hugs. That is the worst. And it's compounded because they were away and you thought they were fine. When I take something out and see mistakes with my fresh I it always annoys me more. Well, maybe it's just me.

How are the stats on the Christmas knitting? Your list amazes me...