Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pinwheel Sweater is finished (almost again)

I finished the Pinwheel Sweater (Happy Happy Joy Joy). Well the knitting part anyway. I can not seem to find a tapestry needle big enough to weave in the ends. I can find tons of small holed ones that I use on socks (last time I needed one of those I could not find any and went out and bought about 20 needles - and I didn't buy any of the larger ones since I had about a million all over the place) but none that I need right now. This weekend I may just have to go get more if none show up.

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I also made another hat. This one is for my nephew. I used the same pattern I made up for Hubby's friend - I just used a smaller hook size and needle size. It was done super quick. I am using the same yarn for a pair of socks for him and I should have enough yarn left over to add ear flaps and i cord for tying. (ok so it really is not done done but it is close)

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Short post - I am off to keep looking for those darn needles.


Abby said...

A (qualified) yay for finishing the pinwheel! It looks great. Hate weaving in ends, though, so I am experimenting with knitting them in as I go along, at least for 6 stitches or so.

Jill said...

Ugh. The dreaded missing needle saga. So glad to hear that I'm not alone...

Good luck finding them, and the sweater looks great!! :)

Dipsy said...

Your knitting is so beautiful! I love the hat, but the Pinwheel Sweater is of course even more exciting - what a very, very beautiful knit! The pattern is one of those that I have on my "Have to knit" list for ages - but I never cast on for it, probably out of fear to mess it up completely. Your beautiful Pinwheel inspired me to cast on for it soon and just give it a try - thank you for the inspiration, and congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment!

mom said...

Wow, that sweater is really pretty. who's getting it? was it really hard? probably not for you.
love mom