Sunday, July 19, 2009

TdF update (another one)

The Forever Blue yarn is done done done. This one really took forever. A whole week of spinning everyday to get this done. Thankfully it is a balanced and even yarn. It really turned out great.
forever blue
539 yards of sport weight. Plenty to make a few things that I am thinking about. Heck I might be able to make 2 of the things I am thinking about.

This is the latest spinning. 50/50 camel/silk that I bought at Rhinebeck 08. It is really beautiful stuff. The only problem I have with it is the silk likes to float and get all over. On cloths, in drinks, heck it even got in my mouth. That part I do not like at all. It will be done and plied tomorrow.

Sheepy the 2nd was lovingly received and had a sex change =) He is now a she. So here is Sheepy in all of her finished glory.

new coat2

sheppy has a face

sheppy's new coat

Sheepy's fleece is knitted from the tiny left overs of yarn from a huge ball I bought at Rhinebeck 07. Seriously this huge ball has made 3 hats and Sheepy's fleece. It was only 157 yards of super bulky yarn. Sadly I only have a few feet left. Buddah has one of the hats so she loves that they match. Oh and true to form Sheepy has been naked for half the day = )

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Aunty said...

Forever Blue looks mighty nice. How close to the real color is the pic? Can't wait to see what you do with it.

And the camel/silk looks and sounds very elegant. Will the finished products have the same floating silk problem?

And Sheepy Junior is sooooo cute. How nice that she matches Buddah's hat. And as for her being naked, well, it IS summertime, you know?

So glad you're feeling well enough to spin and knit and so forth. Yay!