Sunday, December 20, 2009

20-24 inches

Is a lot of snow. The picture of our snow loving dog is in the front
yard. The wind knocked the snow down to about 16 inches. Later on we
all were in the back yard were Snick was having so much fun. She tried
to chase the kids but well the snow was to deep. After a step or two
they would fall. One drift in the backyard was to my hip and well I am
almost five ten people. This was snow like I had when I was a kid. We
had lots of fun. It was really really cold so we wer only out for
about 10 minutes before the kiddies were getting cold. Falling every
step didn't help. ( I say 24 inches The news channels were saying
either 20 or 24 for our area depending on which I was watching). : )

1 comment:

SDQuilter said...

Don't you wish you could knit as fast as that snow fell? I think you all got our regular snow for the month, thanks for taking it for us!