Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is like she knows

That something is wrong. She has been more my shadow then normal. She
does this really cute thing of resting her head on me like she saying
I here for you. I know this my sound strange to some but for someone
who has always had animals around, there is a connection that is
there. Snick is always watching over me it seems and lately even more
Oh and pictures are coming I promise. I am just waiting for some
freaking sunlight. I have tried flash and well ew comes to mind. : )

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Karen said...

They do know - they really do. When we had Charlie, the only times he woke me up was when I was sleeping through a low blood sugar. And on Thursday, when I started getting sick, K.C. laid right down next to me on the couch for a nap instead of curling up on the back of the couch like she always does. They know when we aren't feeling right and they are happy to give us comfort.