Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of 09

I know people are thankful that this year is over or that it was a really bad year for some. For me it depends on how you look at it. To dwell on the negative yes it has been a crappy year but how I really look at it is even though there were bad times, we end this year all healthy warm and fed. We have a new year ahead with new possibilities.

I was looking over my little blog and I want to change somethings. Blogging more is always a good idea = ) I would also like to actually blog what I am doing. I made many things that never made it to the blog and since this is also a journal of what I have made well that doesn't work out too well now does it.

I also want to be more positive in everything. Yes there are things that have happened to me that really suck but to be negative about it really doesn't help much. Now that doesn't mean that I will not give into an occasional cry or pity party - those emotions need to come out and do not make one weak. Keeping things bottled up does not help anyone.

I also want to use more of what I have. The whole "cold sheeping" as it is called over at Ravelry. I did use or give away (to hubby's aunt) a good amount of yarn and have a lot more space but I still have a lot more to go. I am not totally ruling out buying but I want to use what I have first and only if i do not have anything then I may buy.

Which leads right into exactly how much did I use in 09. Well in yarn it was 19,575 yards which is a lot - problem is I bought 11,093 yards. So actually minus is actually 8,482 yards. Thankfully it is a negative amount.

I also used 1,137 yards of my handspun. I made 2,727 yards of handspun and reduced my fiber amount to 103 oz.

For kicks I kept track of how much fabric I used 33.5 yards. Mostly quilts were made. For an update I never got to finish the last two quilts. My machine broke and will cost more to fix then buy a new one. I had that machine for over 9 years. I got a lot of use out of it. I asked for a new one for my birthday. fingers crossed.

So to everyone out there - Have A Happy Healthy New Year!!!


Abby said...

When I feel a pity party coming on, I give myself one hour to wallow in it, then let it go. Usually after 15 minutes it all becomes really boring. Hope this year is better for you and *really* hope you blog more often - I miss reading you! (And hope you get that new sewing machine too!)

mom said...

This was a really nice blog! you are a wonderful daughter and your blogging friends sound great!
Happy New Year, sweetheart, and hugs and kisses to hubby and mom

SDQuilter said...

You are great! You ended the year with a negative number!! I would be afraid to tell you how many yards I have stashed away like a squirrel with the most precious nuts, although, as my favorite yarn lady, you may have a pretty good idea. This is where I could mislead you and lie and say you are the sum of all my yarn purchases...but you wouldn't believe me anyway and I would be embarassed. Anyway, in the coming year, I may or may not resolve to become more like you and use more than I buy, but I am definitely taking a page out of Andy Rooney's book and I will resolve not to start smoking!

Karen said...

I've always admired what a positive attitude you have. I look forward to reading (and seeing) more from you in 2010. Happy New Year!!