Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know it has been 11 days with no posting and believe it or not I feel bad about it. I do have reasons and updates.

Gift making has been going steady and I have made progress. So much so that I even gifted one gift. Plus I totally forgot to take pictures. I will hopefully remember. (or Mom wanna take a picture for me? )

Thanksgiving was great! My Mom came down here to Long Island for Thanksgiving and stayed overnight. She is the best and I miss her very much.

Os-Karina decided she wanted to be like Nemo. Woke up to the filter making weird noises and hardly any water coming out. Oscars are curious and well if you have seen the movie.... The thing I can not figure out is how a fish that big made 2 90 degree turns and went through a very small opening. Hubby had to take care of that cleaning job.

My girls did something that I am very proud of. They both wanted their hair cut and have been annoying me, i mean asking me, about it for a few weeks. Well friday was the day (and my mom was here). Over 14 inches of their hair is now gone. Why so much? Part of the reason is the wanted to give it to little girls who do not have hair. 2 Ponytails of hair will be going to Locks Of Love. I am very proud of them for this. I told them about Locks of Love (I have donated in the past) and that was all they needed. They actually asked because we were watching a re run of Extreme Makeover House Edition and they did a little fundraiser of hair in the episode. They asked, I explained and thinking back that is when they really wanted to get their hair cut. I am one Proud Mama.

Okay here is the reason part of this post. I wasn't even sure I was going to post this. Some of you know I have RA. I was in remission for almost a year. Notice past tense. About 2 weeks ago I noticed some signs of a flare starting and well promptly ignored them. Denial baby! Well it got to a point were it could not be ignored. So I found a new RA doctor (my old one decided to move to be closer to her family) and I am testing away. This is not fun people. Personally I hate it. I almost forgot I had it, with hope that it would never come back. I am a little down about it but I am trying to be cheerful as much as I can. Funny one of the first things I thought about was that the flaring was going to mess with my gift making.

So to the family out there, Your gift may be a little late. Think of it as spreading Christmas out longer = )


Yes I know no pictures. They are coming as soon as the battery charges.


Karen said...

I'm so sorry to hear your RA is not in remission anymore. :( I hope the new doctor is wonderful and can find something new to help you. That's awesome that your girls donated to Locks of Love. It's such a great cause.

Abby said...

Your girls are awesome! Hope your new doctor can help you. And gift-giving knows no season.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you feel better soon.

Amazing girls - but then again, they have an amazing mom! :)

Jen in Progress