Friday, December 4, 2009

The Sun is out!!!

Not sure for how long. There were clouds in the sky and our forecast for the past few days was mostly sunny and we were cloudy. Now it is calling for mostly sunny. I take any sun at this point.

So here is the Secret Project. Scowl by Samantha Roshak - That is the Rav link. Non Ravelry link here

(close up)

The construction is different and that is a good thing. Honestly I do not like knitting scarves but this one kept my attention.I could watch tv and knit away. It would have been completed in way less time but well mean old RA decided to flare on me as I was just starting this. I did finish by the deadline so there RA!

(Drama wearing it like a scarf)

The Scowl is a scarf and cowl in one. Add a pin and ta da cowl!

(Boodee wearing it as a cowl)

I think it is a great idea. I like long scarves but they get in the way more often then not. So as a short scarf it is a nice length to wrap around and as a cowl it is wonderful.

Pattern details: Yarn is Artyarns Ultra Merino 4 (it is a sportweight yarn) I used a full skein plus about 25 yards from the second
Needles: 3 sets of size 4 (yes 3 sets, It can be a little clumsy in the beginning but really is is easy)

I really liked knitting this and in fact I want to knit another one.

So there is the secret knitting. I am currently working on a pair of socks. Which is surprising since I have not knitted a sock in about 6 months! It was kinda funny when I was at the point to turn a heel and instead of turn it I added a short row heal! Yeah it was kinda funny looking. I of course didn't notice until I was almost done with the gusset decreases. I actually had to look up how to turn a heel! Of course as soon as I saw the pictures I was all DUH! I couldn't believe I forgot. Oh well. Sock 1 is almost finished and I can not show you because well the socks are a Christmas present. I will have something else to show soon.



SDQuilter said...

So these are my beautiful artists! Good job Mom! I love the project and am on my over to Ravelry as we speak....Enjoy the sun and have fun with the socks. I can't wait to see them.

Mom said...

i forgot to take pics of girls after haircut. they both look great, beautiful, neat and cute too.
Love, mom

keri said...

Ooh that is a cool construction, I like that a lot!

I'm so sorry to hear that you're flaring up, sending hugs your way that it goes away and leaves you alone and you're feeling better soon!

Celeste said...

Hello! Just ran across your blog and enjoying seeing all the beautiful items you have made. SupaCute!!