Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ah I think I might

Need to hide my yarn if this keeps up. Drama had a gift card for
Michael's and well she made a b-line for guess which department. She
is still into color more the feel and so she got this pink yarn among
others. It is so bright and so her. She is busy knitting a cozy for
her iPod.


mom said...

she's such a cutie. love her. how's she doing knitting??? terrific!!
love, mom, grandma

Abby said...

How cool! And she can help you with stash-busting. And someday she will knit something for YOU, and that will make you cry!

Karen said...

That is so awesome. If she ever takes a shine to novelty yarn, let me know. I have a bunch of ribbon and eyelash yarn that I got in my Stitch N Pitch swag-bags and I was wondering what I'd ever do with it. I'd be happy to pass it along!