Sunday, February 21, 2010


My hands need a break and well this migraine is making for a slow day. It seems on it's way out (don't let the door hit you on the way out) so hopefully I should finish the back tonight.

Kids go back to school tomorrow (I hear angels singing) so knitting progress should increase. Trying to knit while they are home all day all week = a joke in trying to get anything done

Drama did finish her iPod cozy and I helped her sew it up and add a button. It is her first FO and will get it's own post (can you say proud mama?)

Today I bought jeans. I used to love clothes shopping before kids after not so much. Clothes shopping for me is the last thing I want to do. But well I needed new jeans. My old ones didn't fit anymore for good reason. The jeans I have I bought when I was on steroids for a year for the RA and well steroids make you gain weight and in my case well it was over 80 pounds. Those pounds are bye bye and believe it or not I weight about the same as I did pre Skywalker. Though I was much more toned then. I didn't do anything special just limited portion size and no late night snacking. Plus we walk to school when we can which is about a third of a mile. I am try not to eat fast food and food like that. That kind of food make me so sick afterwards.

Related to the above my happy moment of the day. Trying on a pair of jeans in a size I have not been since before kids and having them fit. I mean fit not sucking it in and barely getting them buttoned.

Before I hear it I lost the weight slowly. It took over a year

Still not wearing a bathing suit. Even when I could and did wear a two piece I hated it.

Why do I always seem to wear a white shirt when i make sauce? Thank goodness for bleach pens! Plus I own about 5 aprons duh!

I miss my mom (Love You Mom!)

Hubby is looking very cute sitting there watching mens hockey (rus vs cze)

Need to go check on dinner



SDQuilter said...

I am not surprised at all at the weight have been a busy woman with everything coming at you. I am thrilled for your daughter to finish a project so quickly, do we get to see? How about a little meals on wheels? That dinner sounds good...

Abby said...

If I were back to my pre-baby weight, I would LOVE shopping for jeans! Hope your migraine is gone by now.

mom said...

i miss you too. you bring tears to my eyes, you know me,happy or sad the tears are you, mom

Aunty said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and fitting into pre-baby jeans. You go, girl. Now walk some more to get the tone and stamina back.

Smoochies to all