Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok here is my update. I finished the back while I was watching the US
vs Canada preliminary game. Started the LEFT front while watching Ice
dancing finals. I was able to finish all 12 inches of ribbing done and
last night during the Canada vs Germany quarterfinal I started the
lace section.

Well I sat down a few minutes ago to continue and discovered I started
the lace on the wrong side as if I was going to knit the right side!
( hence the capitals before). Now it didn't seem like a big deal at
first but when I get to sewing the sweater together the ribbing will
not match right and may not look right when sewn together.

So I hit a snafu. I have to go and take out a nights worth of lace.
Well on the bright side at least I discovered it now and not when I
was trying to sew it together

Now I have a little thing to say about the US vs Canada game. It was a
great game and yes Canada lost but to go and bench one of the best
goaltenders playing for last nights game? Yes the back up is a great
goaltender in his own way but Canada was facing the German team and it
was very one sided and trust me I am very happy that Canada won. I
just think it was a little hasty. Ok I am off my soap box now

= )
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