Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Again

It has been very busy here with all that has been going on.

Sweater Update.I am working on the right front. I am still in the ribbing section. I have to pay attention so I do not forget any button holes. So that leaves the front to finish and two sleeves to knit and the whole shebang to sew together.So yes there is a slim chance that I will have this finished by tomorrow night. I am ok with this. It is my first Knitting Olympics. I didn't have the confidence in myself last time to enter (the whole I wasn't a good enough knitter) Talk about defeating oneself before the race.

The whole fact that this will be the quickest that I have ever made a sweater and that I have changed so much on this pattern and it still looks like a sweater are amazing enough for me.

Next time though I am not picking a sweater that is knitted on size 5 needles. My poor finger joints.

I have to say I am sad to see the Olympics ending. I love watching the Winter Olympics. Hockey and Curling( believe it or not) are my favorites. Canada won the Mens gold in curling. The gold metal women's hockey game was between Canada and US and the Mens hockey game is tomorrow. Canada vs the US it is going to be a great game

On that note I have a question. I had made a comment (Where and when not important) that I hoped that Canada would win their Semi final game. I got a dirty look and basically was told that I was un american because I wanted Canada to win. First off Canada was not playing the Us and well Team Canada is an amazing team. (Hello people Canada - Winter sports?!?!?!) I personally cheer for athletes. Not teams or in this case countries. Even tomorrow I just want to see a great game.

So does that make me un-american?


Abby said...

No, you are not un-American. Personally, I get tired of seeing the US win all the time, so I frequently cheer on the others, especially the underdogs. It's about the athletes, not the countries they come from. Can't wait to see pics of your finished sweater!

Aunty said...

Of course not! And whoever said so is an ignorant idiot. You have the right attitude: root for the athletes or a great team. Besides, Canadians are our friends, you know? Sheesh.

I'm with Abby here. Can't wait to see the finished sweater, whenever it happens.

Smoochies to all