Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Below is a picture of my progress. I changed the ribbing length from 8
inches to 12 inches ( one of a bunch of mods I am doing). I have
learned something while I was in the endless last two inches of
ribbing. I have a hard time knitting black yarn. The stitches are hard
to see. Also four extra inches does not sound like much until you have
to knit it. I finally got to the lace part Monday night and have done
one and a half repeats. After I finish the repeat I working on I will
check to see how much more I need to go before the armholes shaping.
Yesterday no progress was made since well I had to go get my eyes
check and the dr dilated and numbed them. Basically I couldn't see a
darn thing! Hopefully tonight I will get some progress.


SDQuilter said...

Well darn, I should have looked here first. It is looking wonderful and I think your choice of models is exceptional. You go can do this...

Aunty said...

Ooh, doing it in black, huh? I should have guessed. And sorry, but I think it's a chuckle that you picked the hardest color to see pattern in.

Go, USA Knit Team, Go!!


Karen said...

Wow, look at you go!! It's looking great!! I agree with the black yarn though - so hard to see the stitches.

Toni said...

It's looking good!!!!!

mom said...

wow, i love it. i like the pattern on top. you do such beautiful work!!
love, mom