Friday, June 25, 2010

Current Project

Now that I have finished all the teacher gifts for this year (need to upload them) I have now moved on to something I want to make.


(picture taken a few days ago. I am further then pictured)
I am Knitting ALong (KAL)-ing with the Stash Knit Down group over at Ravelry. (Yes I need them now more then ever)
I am using Malabrigo Lace held double on size 7 needles (see stash busting, 2 skeins of yarn instead of 1) I am almost at the end of the 4th repeat which just leaves the 5th repeat and the ruffle left to knit. Of course the number of stitches double in the ruffle and rouching sections so it does take a bit longer to knit them and of course purl them back.

Aaaaaand when all the knitting is done. I am doing a beaded Bind Off!!! Those beads are what is getting me through those long purled rows.


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SDQuilter said...

It is going to be gorgeous. Is it for you, I hope? Stashbuster, huh? Maybe I should look into something like that, although, your stash is probably HUGELY larger than mine...(just in case Bruce was reading, too).