Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It has been a while

A long while. Heck it has been about a month. Didn't mean to either. I never do. Life just has its way and when one has only a limited amount of time and many thing that need to be done, certain things fall to the side. Sadly it has been many things and I am hoping that it will change soon. I know yesterday I made myself knit. I miss it and I have been going days without. Not because I don't want to knit I have been just so tired that I couldn't concentrate enough to knit.

It felt good yesterday to get those few rows in. It is amazing that just the simple act of knitting makes me feel so much better. I think I am going to make it a point from know on to knit everyday (or something everyday). With everything that is going on I need that me time to relax.

So what have I been up to? Well I may not have been knitting that much but I did do some things. It will be a short list I can tell you and thinking back the amount I did in the past month I used to be able to do in a week or less.

Here it is. I finished my Rabbid. Made Drama's teacher a gift (that would be the black thing - it is a mug with a black cabled cozy) and something for her baby shower (that would be the rainbow colored hat and baby booties) and a little something for one of Hubby's coworkers, whose wife is having a baby boy (that would be the blue hat and bib)

Yeah like I have said not much. I also spun a little bit to finish up what I had on the wheel. I had two yarns half spun. They are plied and waiting for their bath. July is coming up and that means the Tour de Fleece is too. I know I most likely will not be able to do anywhere near what I did last year but I want to do it.

I also bought some yarn. I know I am "Cold Sheeping" but well I started off with good intentions. I bought yarn to make Skywalker his sweater. But well how does that saying go about good intentions... In the month of June a lot of yarn came into this house. Over 60 skeins worth...... I am not even going to mention the yardage because it is a little scary. I am not ashamed or anything I just couldn't believe the flood gates opened. I got some really really nice stuff too. I also got yarn that I have never used before to try them out. I want to cast all of it on right now!! Of course I am not going to but I want to. Having all of this new yarn has lit the knitting fire I guess you could say.

I will have pictures next time of all the yarn. There might also have been new beads arrive too. I will also have a picture of my newest project. I tried taking pictures to day but it is dark and cloudy and no matter what I try I can not get a good picture so I am going to wait for the sun, which according to the weather people is tomorrow.


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