Sunday, June 27, 2010

One very proud Momma

My son made summer baseball. There were tryouts and he was rated in
the top. He is amazing. He has this natural catching ability that is
wow. I know I am his mom but Hubby and I are his toughest critics.
This is the first time were I can just sit and watch him and he just
absolutely amazes me!!


SDQuilter said...

And he will never cease to amaze you. Just like you still amaze your Mother with your works of art. Enjoy the incredible feeling. Our children are so precious, no matter their age.

Aunty said...

Do you see him playing for the Mets? Or the Yankees?

mom said...

aunty's comment hit home for me, i was thinking of him in the majors someday. wow what an idea!!!
love you, mom