Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operation Fayfay

A little over a year ago my Hubby had to have his shoulder fixed. How much damage there was they were not sure until the doctor actually got inside. What fun! Anyway I was told I would see him again in about 2 hours. Reality was 4.5 hours later when he was wheeled back into the recovery area. The whole time I was a wreak. Kept telling myself they are just fixing his shoulder, but well I guess you could call it a very active imagination. Scary things, especially after the 2 hour mark and the nurses could not tell me why it was taking so long.

Well I knitted. I brought with me a beautiful and easy scarf pattern to knit. Fayfay
operation fey fey

I was using a ball of handspun that had been sitting around for a while. It was pretty and well I had told myself to start using my handspun (still need to do that) I wasn't sure of how much I had but I figured I had enough for this lacey scarf.

Oh it was enough. I knitted most of it in the waiting room and finished at home nursing a very sore Hubby.
operation fey fey

It needs to be reblocked. It is almost 10 feet long! I just kept knitting not even thinking that once it is blocked it will grow. It is lace after all. I just had too much on my mind at the time. I have bought blocking wires since I last blocked it and hoping that a re block will help. If I try to get more width then it should shrink the length (hoepfully) enough that the scarf is a little more wearable. If that doesn't work I may just have to rip out some of the length.


mom said...

Honey, i don't remember if you showed me this before, but it's beautiful. if you think it's really tooooo long, you could alway double it when wearing since it is so lacy. love you, Mom

Aunty said...

Mom has a good idea, Q, but how about making a new scarf or something else from what you "tear out"? Can you tear it out without ruining it? I agree it's a beauteous thing.