Monday, October 29, 2007

I Made Yarn!!!

Ok, so it is just a little bit, but it is mine and I made it. I think I am going to frame it. = )

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I also started spinning the Corriendale roving. I do not like how it is coming out.. The yarn is, I guess you would say "sticky". It would be great for felting and I am thinking about making felted balls, that I could make snowmen out of. I sense a kid project coming on. = ) (sorry about the fuzzy pic - kids running around) = )

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(Note: for some reason Blogger does not want this picture uploaded. I have tried several times tonight. I will try again tomorrow - ok scratch that. Blogger has uploaded them but now the pictures are HUGE!!! and off center - go figure)

So I took the Corriendale off of the spinner (duh, how else did I take the pic?) and started spinning the merino (the multi one)

Ok here is knitting updates.

Pinwheel sweater: I am now on the second to last color band. You really can't see in the picture but I am knitting purple, and pink is the last before bind off. I really can't take this with me now since it is larger and there are 2 balls of purple attached and waiting for the sleeves to be knitted. I have this feeling if I travel with it the yarn will go everywhere. (that is my luck with this kinda stuff)

I made a quick headband for a little cousin. In the picture it looks horrible but it is cute in real life. I used a yarn I had in my stash. It is from knitpicks and it is a bulky yarn and I have no clue what exactly it is since I have lost the ball band. = )

I started the Dragon Scarf. Here is the tail. The yarn is nice but I really am not thrilled with picking out twigs, sticks and other veggie stuff. Now I know that this is part of a home grown yarn but is this normal to be picking this stuff out every 6 inches?

I also started a pair of Fawkes socks (can not find the link right now but the pattern is from socktopia) I really like that the person I am giving these too wears a size 4.5 womens (and yes she is an adult). = )

Everyone have a Happy Halloween!!


Abby said...

Ok. I tried, without success, to find the pattern for the pinwheel sweater because, frankly, it does not look like a sweater to me at all. It looks like a hat, a really, really big hat. Am I just not getting it? Or is it an optical illusion? It sure looks pretty, though!

Jill said...

Oh, it is looking great! I can't wait to see the pinwheel sweater when it is all done, because I am completely intrigued...

Not sure what the deal is with that weird yarn, but the scarf is coming along really well! It looks so adorable. Good work! (and good luck with the twigs and stuff...)

Aunty said...

I love the dragon scarf! The son is going to be very happy. I agree with Abby -- I don't see the pinwheel sweater as a sweater either, but the colors are beautiful. Make sure you post a pic when it's finished. And who carved the pumpkin?? It's wonderful! Happy Hallowe'en. Smoochies, Aunty