Monday, March 10, 2008

Back to socks.....

Well Mommy your socks are finished. They are Dove socks from Cat Bordhi's book New pathways for sock knitters.

Mommy's Dove socks

Yes they look strange but they do fit like regular socks. My mommy is a size 7.5. Much smaller then mine so well I really can not model them (yeah I know a real big disappointment)

I also started the second monkey sock

2nd Monkey sock

Here is the last Capitan hat for a long while. It is a great pattern.
Yet another capitan

Here is a picture of Snickers just so you can see what a 17 pound 4 month old looks like
It took a while to get a somewhat decent shot and it really is not that decent but you can somewhat see how big she is.

I would like to ask for an opinion on something. Today at work a fellow coworker (same position as me) made a comment while I was waiting to talk to my boss. She knows I have RA and well she is not known for being nice. I was out of work 2 days last week because of RA and that well my boss moved me and now there is a big thing going on about moving me back so I can work. Anyway as I was sitting there she said to me that I was a baby and well if I couldn't work why am I trying and that I should go out on disability. WTF!!!!!! I kinda went off on her. Who the f%$# does she think she is. I do have a right to be moved because well I can be. She was moved because well her knee hurt and she could not do the cafeteria because of all the standing that is evolved. Almost every joint in my body is hurting like the devil and I am the one being a baby! I tried to work the cafeteria. I tried rotating in and out of the cafeteria. I tried to be a good sport about it and well my body and RA say nope not happening. So because she made a big stink about her knee (and went over the bosses head) it is ok but me with the disease that might just one day put me in a wheel chair shouldn't work or try to work anymore.

Ok I have to stop because well I am really getting pissed and the kids are around. I am going to go pet some yarn and looking through my new Spin-off magazine



Abby said...

No matter where you work, there will be at least one person like your stinky cow-orker. Practice deep breathing and know that her behaviour is a reflection on HER and not YOU.

mom said...

My sock look t-riffic, thank you soo much, if they're anything like my red ones, i'll be very happy.

as to your job. just like Abby said. there's one in every crowd. the breathing thing should work for you since you did yoga. as for me i'd get to the point that you reached and really be angry, but i love you and you don't know what that anger is doing to you, your family. so just realize there are a lot of crappy people in the world and deep breath and take it where it's coming from. YOU ARE A BETTER PERSON ! ! ! ! LOVE, MOM

Jill said...

Wow. What. A. B*tch.

I know I should take the high road here and only say positive, encouraging things, but I don't think I can. I think you have every right to be angry, and I'm glad you gave her a piece of your mind. Good for you. Sounds like she deserved it.

Now I guess you just have to relax (as much as you can) and know that not everyone is like that. I'm sure you'll be moved to a better position, one that you can do more easily. And your boss will understand. And you should NOT just stop if you're not ready. I guess what I'm thinking is that I'd probably let it go with the lady now that you spoke to her, but I'd be proud that I did stand up for myself. And for the rest of it, I'm sure it will work out. Luckily, SHE's not the one who makes the decisions for you, right? ;)

Big hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let your coworker's comments bother you. You'd think that someone who has also asked for a different assignment because of pain would be understanding, huh? People who are angry and nasty and hurtful are just spreading their misery and confusion around. As Abby said (wise woman), SHE is the one with the problem, not YOU. I suspect that someone in her world has accused her of being a baby about her pain and also that if she were in your place she would be looking for disability pay, you know? Don't waste any more breath or energy on her, D. She'll never get it. She should be overcome with admiration that you choose to try to continue working despite the RA. You are in the morally superior position AND you're probably a lot prettier than her, too! So *modified Bronx cheer* on her.


Shewolfy said...

I would have been livid! How dare she say those things to you and make those sorts of judgements! It is your life to live the way you choose, and more power to you!
Okay- done with the exclamation point fest. Snickers is growing fast, and is so cute...And nice going on those socks!